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New music video ‘Skinn’

August 6, 2011

Over 3,000 photos were taken over two days to create this music video. The music video has recently been featured on Promo News and has also been nominated for an IF Award. If you like the music video, please take two minutes to vote here: Vote for ‘Skinn’.


Director: Johnny Blank
Production Company: Little Peeperz Productions
Producer: Sonny King
PM: Jacqueline Bender
DP: Warwick Field
Prod. Designer: Tammy Knox
Cam Asst: Anthony Koreny
Gaffer Asst: Johnny Flynn
Gaffer: Michael Hughes
PA: Filip Petrovic
Make-up: Vivienne Kitchell
Editor: Peter Garnish
Cast: Lucy, Sonny King, Marcus Laging, Deanna Inkson, Albert Goikhman, Karen Arecia Powell, Gillian Pinder, Peter Muehlenberg, Leonie Huber, Max Davine, Danielle Matthews
Lucy’s Crown official website

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